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AT-320TG Aerial Work Platform

Tadano’s AT-220TG is the biggest of our light duty AWPs that exhibits consistency under various work conditions.


AT-320TG Aerial Work Platform PDF


The AT-270TG is our medium sized General Purpose AWP, with its platform height reaching 27m and bucket capacity

The AT-320TG is Tadano’s highest reach and heaviest load capacity in General Purpose Telescopic Aerial work platforms. The AT-300TG has become the standard in what AWP’s should be.

Features include:

  • Maximum platform height of 32.2m
  • Maximum load capacity of 250kg
  • 4 motion control
  • Automatic Moment Control (AMC)
  • Elevation and Swing Speed Control System
  • Smooth Start and Stop function for elevations, swing and telescoping
  • Stroke End Shock Reduction System
  • Boom Automatic Stowing System


  • Max. Bucket Loading Capacity:250kg
  • Material of Bucket:F.R.P
  • Max. Bucket Bottom Height:32.2 m
  • Bucket Swing Slewing Angle:200
  • Bucket Dimensions:0.7m x 1.2 m x 0.9 m
  • Boom Length:9.5 m – 30.5 m
  • Elevation:-12 – 80
  • Type of Boom:Telescopic
  • Outrigger Extension:4.66 m