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GR-1100EX Rough Terrain Crane

Like the GR-600EX, the GR-800EX is part of Tadano’s new generation of cranes that is ergonomic, user friendly, economical and has improved safety for operators.


GR-1100EX Rough Terrain Crane PDF


With the same compact size as Tadano’s GR-800EX and a 56m boom, the GR-1100EX’s large capacity and compact carrier provides high manoeuvrability and ease of transport for any job. The GR-1100EX is versatility at its best.


  • Max. Lifting Capacity:110t
  • Boom:12 m – 56 m
  • Boom extension:10.1 m – 17.7 m
  • Max. Sheave height:73.6 m
  • Max. radius:48.3 m
  • Engine:Mitsubishi 6M60
    Carrier: 200kW (267 HP)
  • Dimensions:Length: 14.45 m
    Width: 3.31 m
    Height: 3.79 m